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Buying a home is no small endeavor. As with all real estate, it’s about location, location, location. Of the almost 80 communities in the Houston area, The Heights is one of the oldest and most coveted places to live. Being one of the last relatively unchanged neighborhoods without corporate interference, some small businesses have been able to call the Heights home for decades, which has cultivated a supportive culture.

In fact, the culture is so strong, many rookie small businesses are able to expand very quickly. This fact is not lost on the business owners, who do as much as they can to support the community in return. The Neighborhood series by HOULIVING was the perfect way to exhibit this special bond between the locals and the local businesses, showing viewers why it makes the Heights such a great place to live.

The campaign was comprised of 5 short videos highlighting Antidote Coffee, Proper, Forth and Nomad, Good Dog, and Ready Room. Heights real estate agent and founder of HOULIVING, Daniel Martinez, toured these establishments and sat down with their owners. Together, they explored what landed the business in the Heights and the unique camaraderie of the community that keeps everyone coming back for more.

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