Finish Line

Photography & Animation that stands out in the crowd

The Brief

In fashion, image is everything. It establishes a brand’s outward perception and is often seen as an interpretation of the brand’s culture. A brand’s social media channels are a direct extension of that. Many retailers generate content by pulling images directly from a satisfied customer’s account. While utilizing User-Generated Content or UGC can be cost-effective and highly impactful on other customers, it doesn’t always guarantee the best quality content makes it onto the brand’s page. For a company like Finish Line, quality is crucial.

In late 2016, Finish Line asked us to create a set of spectacular visual assets centered around various footwear and apparel items for use on Instagram and in their newsletter. Although the plan was initially intended to be short-term, the explosive success of the campaign led to an ongoing project that is in effect to this day. The creative use of stop-motion and hyper-lapse animation used in these visuals has helped set a new standard for sneaker market content everywhere. Three years and thousands of engagements later, we still have a long way to go before we get to the finish line.

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