Capsule Bag

A Video Campaign That Turned An Idea Into a Reality

The Brief

More and more, pop culture is shifting towards a focus on minimalism and living with purpose. With this in mind, pharmacist-turned-designer Joey Garza wanted to create a tool that would be useful in several lifestyles. Whether you’re a backpacker looking to travel light or a professional heading into the office after time at the gym, your bag should be a reliable sidekick carrying your belongings. Many use public transportation or ride-sharing services to get from place to place, so carrying several bags for routine activities becomes impractical and exhausting.

Joey saw an opportunity to develop his Capsule bag — a pack that could go from a daily backpack, to a gym bag, to a large capacity travel bag quickly and efficiently. Its’ unique, adaptable structure allows the bag to be converted into the different sizes with designated, protected compartments for items like shoes, electronics, and even includes a laundry bag (no reason to skip the gym now!). With an overall 34L capacity and built out of durable materials, this bag is well-matched against other competitors on the market — especially at a lower-end price of $119 USD.

To demonstrate Capsule’s usefulness, we filmed a campaign video showing how the singular traits of the bag’s design adapted to everyday, consistent use. We aimed to inspire the viewer to invest in the bags’ production through the appeal of its’ features. In order to maximize the campaign’s exposure, we cut a series of shorter “micro” videos to attract people on social media and supplied accompanying lifestyle photos. At the end of the campaign, the crowdfunding effort raised over $15,000 USD.

Successful Campaign